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Absolutely stellar, your MC is perfect and the mix of sentiment and humor completely absorbed me in the reading. Up, Up and Away awesome.
As a mother of a child who was sensitive to food coloring I thought the kid should lay off the grape soda. Then I got into the sentiment of losing his father and thought, 'what the heck, let the kid have a grape soda if it connects him to his dad.' A story that gets a reaction is a good story in my book. Keep writing (but lay off trying to fly.)
Well written perspective. I was engaged all the way through.
Cute, sincere and touching! A very moving story. Great characteriation and dialogue. Loved the voice of the piece. Enjoyed it.
Great story; the dialogue was so child-speak!
I loved this little boy more and more as the story unfolded. I think you told this just as he would have - very naturally.
Well, you have certainly mastered Captain Purple's voice...pitch perfect for the age range (without being annoying). The line at the beginning, "It's complicated," really tickled me, too. About half way through, when I got the sense of where this was going, my stomach sank...very nicely done. Bravo.
Tender and beautifully written and the voice as well as the POV of your MC could not have been written better.
Very sweet story, and I loved the POV. There is something so endearing about the logic of a child. Well done.
This just jumped onto my favorites list for the week. Love the little boy's voice. Excellent.
Very good! My heart just went out to this little super-hero.

Minor tweak--you wanted "too" instead of "to" in the back-and-forth dialogue.

Very creative story, beautifully written.
Wow, started out with great humor to a ending Good job
Wow, you did an excellent job portraying the mind of a child. I really did not see the end coming. I was drawn in by the humor and you socked me with the punch of the story. Excellent!!
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice Award! Well done:)
Wow, what an incredibly well done piece. I loved it! Grats on HC!
Thank you all so much for your kind comments!
Grape soda is great and so was this piece! Congrats on your win.
This had a nice pace for a bitter-sweet story. I love the voic of the MC. My favorite part was when he hit the coffee table with "most of his face". Congrats on the EC.
I just loved it! Congratulations on EC placing--well deserved.
How did I miss this story in the previous week!! Busy life. I think everything has been said- so well done. Well done indeed