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Beautiful special delivery.Thanks for sharing.
Creative entry. I felt a little like you tacked on the topic at the end but the message was good - we do all get a salvation package when we become born again. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while for us to unpack it all and put it to good use. :-)
Blessings, Lynda
I wondered at first why neither of the couple noticed the luggage. Then I got it. Quite interesting.
I got confused when the dialogue ignored the cases on the porch but it tied in at the end. Very creative and good message.
I too, was a bit confused by the luggage--was it a flashback? But with some tightening up, this will be a great piece. We could all use a suitcase full of Fruit!
Wonderful! I loved the suitcases and the new occupant. So creative and full of hope, too! Thank you so much!
My favorite line: "Was belief in Jesus more about trusting Him than mere acknowledgment?" I love the New Occupant message.
Wow! There is a LOT of great stuff in here. Your caricature of the couple and those trying to reach them was very believable. I felt the luggage was a little confusing too, but overall this is well worth reading. Wonderful message!
You never think about God bringing luggage when His spirit indwells us ... you always think about Him cleaning out the rubbish. But you're right ... He does give us the gifts of the Spirit etc etc - an interesting take on the theme - well done.
Very nice! A contender! Strong storyline and good balance. Since I like it I will say this one little critique: Watch the adverbs. Choose a stronger verb. That will make the read so much stronger! Let's see if you place with this piece!
Great! Very creative. I loved it!