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good read. kept me engaged. interesting turn to the story there. nice touch having the dad be a writer and the son trying to follow along.
Great, snappy dialogue!
Enjoyed the father and daughter banter.
Like the story concept too. Nicely done.
Enjoyed the dialogue, a nice flow to it. Also, the ending. Good job.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, surprise ending and all.
Ah, loved the twist at the end!!! Great dialogue, and a fun read
Love this. Dad to the rescue! Awesome:)
Nice dialogue handling.
I took this as a conversation between an earnest father and his receptive daughter. The reader benefits from the dialogue and exchange of ideas and rules. You've asked why the reader would consider the gender of the MC one way or another. I took her to be female as I couldn't quite picture a male swiping a cherry from his dad's ice cream cup. And, at the end, walking into his welcoming arms. But, that's just my take and I could be wrong. It's a 50 50 chance, right? Nice work!
I like the mystery...and conclusion. Well done!
So creative and clever--informative and sweet, too. How did you manage all that?
Great dialogue with the twist at the end. I wish I had a dad like that.
A good story. I liked the little details like the rumpled pants and swiping the cherry. Hope the younger writer keeps working on that story. ;-)
Fun story - I loved when I found out he was her dad! Reading it again, tho, it seems kind of unlikely she didn't recognize him or his voice until he stepped out of the shadows. You changed rule #4, too. :)

As for your question, your MC is definitely a female - a young woman/older girl. Her voice is girly, and she used the adjective "scruffy" PLUS she wanted sugar to ease her pain. (My opinion.) :)

An entertaining read - I enjoyed it very much!