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In school, I all but hated history. After I graduated and discovered writers who could make it more than a list of facts and dates, I began loving what it had to offer. I loved reading this.
Very unusual POV! Since it wasn't revealed "who" was narrating until the last paragraph, I had more than a few moments of puzzlement. It might have been more effective if you'd revealed your speaker at the very beginning, so that your reader has the amusing POV in mind from the beginning.

Extremely clever, and I learned something, too!
Coming from a retired teacher, I must say that this was very creative. I think I liked the fact that I didn't now who the narrator was until the end. I liked being surprised. It also allowed me to think back about what had been said.
Love the unique point of view. I like a bit of mystery and the other comments piqued my interest in trying to figure it out.