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Beautiful. Heart breakingly beautiful.
the mom's 'simple prayer' is immensely profound and the grace she exuded in her challenge comes through loud and clear.
A most satisfactory ending.
This is wonderful and really touched my heart. Beautifully written. Thankyou Margaret
Very touching piece! You did a great job capturing the innocence of little kids and their straightforward questions. Nice way to approach the topic.
I like the direction you went with this topic. Kids ask such direct questions, and your MC did a great job answering them. I loved the ending!
Very good story indeed. So often we squelch children's questions when what we really need to do is teach courtesy in the curiosity. I don't know any 5 year-old who could fix a broken tricycle but other than that it was a good story.
What a beautiful, heartwarming story. It is well-deserving of your EC.
What a beautiful heartbreaking and heartwarming story with some beautiful characters and a wonderful message! Congratulations so well deserved on your EC!
Congrats on Editor's Choice/@nd Place. Good job.
This story is very well written, and is so touchng, so tender, so true. There is a reason someone coined the phrase "out of the mouth of babes."
Congratulations on the 2nd place level win, and the 2nd place EC win...that is great... and greatly deserved.
Very nicely written. Deeply touching in many ways from the Mom's response to the picture of the young girl and the innocence of the boy.