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Having worked with the court placement system during part of my teaching career, I can identify with parts of your story. I also saw many a young person turn their lives over to the Lord due to God-fearing teachers and counselors.
Very well-written, and so sad! It reads like a combination of fiction and non-fiction; I couldn't tell which it was, and that's a good thing. Wonderful conclusion.
Excellent story with such an authentic feel and an important message! Very nice writing and great ending! Thank you for sharing this!
Very authentic feel to this piece. It makes me think this is non-fiction, but if it is fiction, you did a marvelous job of making it feel very real.

Very good lesson in this piece as well. We need to take the red anger of our lives and transform it into the red blood of Jesus Christ that washes away the black.
You did a great job of bringing closure without "fixing" the entire situation, and pointing out that God is responsible for doing that, anyway. Great story and interesting use of first person! Well done.
This was a great story that was filled with emotion. I have never had a child go this far off the path, but I have felt the pain of a loved one who has chosen to make bad decisions, and I could feel the pain of this mother. You did a great job of portraying it.
Lots of emotional depth here. Like someone else said, I'm not sure if it's fiction or nonfiction. Either way, it works.
This is so wonderful! So many of us have been very close, if not in, this same scenario. God is able to keep us and to change people who make us see red! And he can take away their "color-blindness."
Beautifully sad story. Love the ending.
I could feel this mother's pain and I think of how many other parents go through this same thing. So sad but excellent message.
Is there anything we mothers dread more than visiting a child in jail? What heartbreak. Yet, having worked in prison ministries, I know there are some wonderful Jesus-loving Christians behind bars. Some went in that way and others became Christians in jail.
This was very well done.

Loved this - wonderful! An extremely interesting and well written piece. Thank you very much. Colin
This is very well written, with a message I really needed to hear because of some anger I've had over some choices my daughter is making. Thank you. I'm going to share this w/ my husband. I too, wasn't sure if it was fiction or not.
I really liked the transition from wanting to see red, to the song and its lyrics, then on to God's red and a better way to think about the situation. A great transformation in the span of a short space constraint. Perhaps in a future story your prayer will be answered and Sam's world will be colored by God too.
I have read a couple of your articles this morning, and enjoyed them both...I have had times when my kids have made wrongs choices, with bad consequences.(Although not quite so bad as this son...) This story was superb in it's emotions,
and excellent in it's purpose. The mother's heart is a complex thing, and your story was very authentic in revealing your MC's feelings.
Thank you by the way for your kind words on my "ohhh..." entry this morning.