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This is such a funny many comments come to mind... "boys will be boys", "like father like son." I realy enjoyed reading this entry.
This is such a fun story, and I love the title! Linc... what a character, and so true-to-life. Great job!
I love the phrase "fill your pockets with prayers". Priceless! You've created a wonderful character...there's something very endearing about naughty little boys.
OOh, I love it! Wonderful 1st POV; and a fun story. I could really feel Lincoln's triumph turn to conviction, great characterization. The ending is a hoot, and thanks for the footnote. :)
I adored this story! Was great fun and told really well. Nice job.
I loved how he put the dirty dishtowel back on the clean dishes, lol. My kids put their dirty silverware back in the drawer of I'm not watching them.
Fantastic character development; his repentance didn't feel forced. Great ending, too!
The title made me laugh before I even read the story! lol Cute, enjoyed the read
Your MC is precious, even if he did get in trouble at school.
I didn't expect the ending, but I loved it. Well done.
My favorite line was "The sheriffs badge dangling from my pocket weighed a ton" Says it all! Excellent.
Really great job. I enjoyed your descriptions and your ability to change to his later life was very smooth. Well done!
What a great title for this story. I could see the Roy Rogers bedspread and feel his despair. Fun to read.
Being from the south, anytime an adult called me by my first, middle and last name, I knew I was in trouble. Also, the phrase, "your son" many times did I hear that one???
This could have been me cowboy hat and all. Great job!
a winner! what a great character!
This was a great story and the end was just icing on the cake. Very nice writing. Thank you.
So many fun parts to this story, but I'm partial to Lincoln's cat, Hi-Fi. I laughed all the way through this story, and the ending is great.
I love little boys (I had 2) and your descriptions are priceless! So many good tidbits here I can't list them all. A lovely story! Kudos!
I could see the entire scene by your excellently descriptive writing. Great job!
Great story and superb ending. And, yes, it is so important to not look at what we are, but what we are becoming.
Amazing story! Very well-written with a lot of wonderfully described interaction between the characters! Congratulations on placing 10th in Advanced and 28th overall!