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Great imagery! I could feel the coldness and the desperation! How often, we as writers, have faced this very same thing?
Such detailed imagery. I was that writer...waiting for the words. This is great writing.
Oh, what writer could not relate to the frustration of your MC. This is alive with emotion and imagery. Loved it.
Great description of frustration. It's amazing that those who are gifted with words are at times at a loss for words.
Common wisdom tells us not to write about the act of writing, but this is lovely. I live in Wisconsin, and the imagery of interminable winter especially poignant in August. I had to gasp to be reminded of the feeling so common in February here that winter will never end.
Awesome writing. Loved the word choices. Rich, rich, rich. The symbolism of the stark, suffocating snow and the way her obsessing over her writing was suffocating her marriage was very well done IMHO. Nice to see the break in the end there, with her getting up from the typewriter. A touch of Spring. Excellent piece, thanks for writing it.
Simply amazing writing...
Thawed, indeed! I am THRILLED that you have returned, thrilled about your writing--again--which inspires me more than I can adequately express. WONDERFUL PIECE.