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How original! That was genius using the garage door opener! Who'd a thought?
I don't miss those early, dark cold mornings. Good story. Suspense and resolution. Good job.
A good story with suspense, satisfactorily resolved. I pictured the long and steep gravel drive as being more-or-less straight and wondered how she got off track. Of course, it could have wound around the hill. A little direction would have kept me on track, but that is a minor suggestion.
I had to smile at the "Mother Winter got up on the wrong side of heaven." :) I loved the resourcefulness of you MC and your title in relation to your ending!
Very interesting story with an unexpected way of finding a solution, to finding one's way when lost in the snow on a dangerous dark.... (almost got carried away there). Col
I like the ingenius idea of your mc using her garage remote to give her light; however, I have to admit I'm totally confused as to why she was out there in the first place. At first, I thought she was perhaps in a bad marriage and was trying to flee from the home. I apologize, but I found the introduction of your mc's circumstances unclear. Laura
Great job with the suspense and chill.

I'd found the unexplained garage door opener a bit of a stretch...who puts those in their pockets?

Your writing is very good! You put your readers right on the scene, and the Man vs. Nature conflict is superb for this week.
Those sudden blizzards can be so frightening! Lots of tension and suspense as mom finds her way back to the house. Of course she had the remote in her pocket - how else would she get in the garage after parking her car at the foot of the drive? :)
Suspenseful ...I was right there in the storm with them! Glad we made it home!