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This was powerful! From the first line which begs an explanation of the external and internal injuries from the accicent to the last line, you held my attention. You captured very well the slow reawakening of a soul afraid to laugh, enjoy, and hope, and, most importantly, reconnect in thankfulness to God for everything. My favorite phrases: "let his words flit about the interior of the car and fade away", "a place inside me that I hadn't visited in a long time", "slammed shut the door to my spirit", and "Beloved, I am enough". Really good stuff!
The most awesome line to me is "...and gave the feeling a name: hope." There is such power in that line! Very nice work! This is a piece worthy of publishing.
Beautiful job of showing that when there is an injury there are really two healings that need to take place. The physical and the emotional! Wow! What a gift God has given you!
A true reminder to "smell the roses" when we are among so many thorns! Thanks for your insight. I enjoyed this piece and the reminder that He is always there through times that seems hopeless. Very creative phrases strewn about! :)
Sightseeing from a blind person's perpective - a very creative appraoch. Well written, great twist at the end and filled with hope.
Absolutely beautiful. One of the best entries I've ever read.
Great article! Bravo! No matter where we find ourselves in life, God has to be enough; for that is all we can really count on!
A very well-done story. You gave it away at the beginning with, "I just dont seewhats the point? - but I did not yet have eyes to see the underlying message!!! I, too, entered one of the several stories about a blind person's experience with sightseeing...but I think this one was most effective. Good job!
Well done! You reminded me of my own time of grief and subsequent trip to the beach. Altho our circumstances were different, the feelings of loss were closely related. I am amazed at the similarity! And isn't this what writers do?
(crying) My heart is so full after reading this piece that no words I can describe comes to mind. Every FW member should read this story. Find a publisher for this - it's soo good!
Nicely told, you kept me reading wanting to know what had happened.
This is a wonderful entry! Very descriptive. I love her husbands' spirit and you really touched the heart.
Fantastic piece of work!
Great job conveying the struggles of accepting a disabilty. Great job of showing God's patience with our sorrows - that He's always waiting and always ready to receive our once unwilling hearts. Enjoyed this very much.
A splendid piece of writing. From checking your desire to feel happiness until your moment of feeling hope is a wonderful description of your emotions. I admire your husband's enthusiasm and willingness to bring joy into your life.
This was exceptionally written, a very powerful story. Well done!
I stopped to read because of all the comments below your article and, having read, I must comment too. Beautiful writing. Emotional, thoughtful, descriptive. I loved it.
All I can add is amen, and bravo, wonderful, exceptional--God bless ya, littlelight
Definitely one of my personal favorites of the week. So well crafted. Such a faithful message. Thank you!

I had to go back and re-read it once I realized that she was blind, and that made the story all the richer.

Well done, Jan. You're fast becoming one of my favourite authors, with your 'Tiffany's Treasure' a few weeks ago and now this!