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this is very funny...I don't have a pool and I could hear your pool floaties calling my name.
This is just too funny! I love your easy style of humor and life. GREAT Job!
School starting will be a "RETREAT" for many moms thanks to your story! Great Job!
Loved it! I remember those days!
So true, so true!
Beautiful. Once again I'm jealous- wish I wrote it!
I need to let my mother read this!
Oooops...I found a faux paux. The sentence that stands alone should read: "I've given a new MEANING to Design on a Dime." See, now that the "real" me is back my time is spent on too much cleaning instead of proofreading! :)
I just knew you were one of those tidy house types that I admire and envy! Great read! Thanks for the hint.
If you like this new chick, I think she should stay, no matter how much you miss the old chicken :)
Ahmen! Although I'm trying to be more tidy after being too lazy!! lol.
Great humor writing, Jo, as usual. I'm glad you got a retreat from the clean freak and could become someone else for a while. There's something to be said for that relaxing thing, eh?
Great article!
Love, Lynda
Very amusing! I like your phonetic representation of sarcastic laughter. Well done.
A really cute and very entertaining story! Great read, Jo!
LOL You mean there is hope to have a clean house again?

Sounds like a great summer ... a real retreat. You promised to shock our pants off, and you did indeed....
A great read, very entertaining. I hope this one wins some credit. Thanks.
Love the evil laugh - don't we know it well around here! ;) Such a refresing read - a retreat in itself! Loved it!
Chuckle..Chuckle...Snort...I loved this! A very fun read and I would think a welcome addition to some women's magazine.
Strong word usage skills. Definately talent here! Since it is a strong piece, maybe even a contender level piece, I will be a little picky and say I would have liked a little better structure in the conflict between the hyper-cleaning fall lady and the lazy lolling about summer lady. BUT, only my 2 cents. A great read.. made me laugh. Can I come play in the pool?!?
Hilarious and really hit the spot. Well done!!!
Hooray! Well done! The best comedies are always the ones laughing at reality. This is perfect!