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Amen! My wife and I can really connect with your message here. We just welcomed our newborn son, Devan, to the family and sometimes struggle to keep our time with the Lord. You've communicated the importance of that commitment very well by using Mr. Wesley's family as an example. This article definitely has my wife's vote for the week! We'll be reading this one together often for the next few months. Thank you for the blessing!
I absolutely love the old stories "repackaged" and coming to life for today! They have such depth and meat that sometimes we lack in our new modern society! I just loved your story! REFRESHING!
very nice- I teach "Families in Society" and we reflect often on how families, although different in this century and decade, work well! This is a great example- SUsannah's life expectancy was about 45, I think- and she had to IRON EVERYTHING- what a concept!
A well written, timely reminder. I think I'll go have some quiet time right now. :-)
Love this simple image: "Every family member knew that when she finally sat down and pulled the apron over her head, she was not to be disturbed. That was her time to reconnect with her Creator, Sustainer and Empowerer. She made sure it happened daily."
Very well written with a great example to back it up.
Great article! I've been known to lock myself in the closet. Maybe the apron trick will work for me too. :)
A lovely story, using two of my favorite hymns. Thanks!
Wodnerful -I love tying her story to yours -maybe with the same apron strings ;)
I wonder how often she sat under that apron. With all those kids and so much responsibility, I would be walking around with it over my head all day long! Great writing, as always. Wonderful entry.
Blessings, Lynda
I have heard this (true) tale about Susannah many times, but I enjoyed your telling of it very much!
You wrapped a vinette of Susanna Wesley's like in an apron of well crafted words, and made that story a treasure indeed! Beautiful!!
This was a lovely re-telling of a small yet significant story from Susannah Wesley's life. And I liked the way you found your own version - even if the picture of you huddled beneath a red apron makes me smile. Well done. Thank you.
Well done recreation of the Wesley history, although I have heard this story many times, I always enjoy hearing it poised in a new version. Thanks.
Wow Suz! I loved this! I enjoyed your flow of words and how well it was written. This was great.
This was good! Nice flow, nice point, nice application. All around good. A contender in a strong week like this one. I will offer this one critique: You could stand to edit out about 10% of your words. You could still make the same points by being more precise. For example you have:

"My ‘in-box’ contains 149 unread emails, and the phones never stop, be it the fixed line phone, the cell phone or both ringing simultaneously."

You could have made the exact same point by saying:

"I have 149 unread emails and the phones never stop ringing."

or make it an susinct action item:

"When I answer one phone, the other rings. All the while my computer barks 'You've got mail!'"

My 2 cents. Either way, you've got a winner here. Great work!
A wonderful and well written story! "Wise Susannah knew what she needed. And because of that, she flourished." If she could make retreat time with God in the midst of her busy household, we are without excuse. A much needed message!
This is great, Suzanne. The best of MANY entries I read about Susannah Wesley this week. Great work. Congrats on your win!
Hi Suzanne

I just read your article after doing some research on the net on prayer. Good to see that this came up on a search for "Susannah Wesley prayer apron"!! (I am amazed how the internet files and catalogues items you probably thought were long forgotten.) This is well written and well researched and I love your introduction. It really gave a good hook for the rest of the article. Thanks