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A very unique way of preaching the gospel in here. I've often thought how it could be done - as there always un-born again people in every organisation - even faithwriters. A very unique piece. I'm sure the Lord will be very impressed (and ME). Thanks, Colin
A great job of presenting the gospel. I thought the conversation flowed well. Bob calling Eddie "my friend" didn't seem to ring quite right considering Bob's tight 25 year hold on his justification. I enjoyed reading this and the scripture references.
I think plays are hard to write because the action is in the voice, movements, facial expressions and the set.
I could see this successfully presented.

I'm glad Bob was finally able to let go of his bitterness... not only to forgive, but also to apologize. Thanks for this sincere and heartfelt play. I'd like to hear it read out loud!
Bob was such a difficult man! The way he talked to his wife made me thank God he got saved.

There were a few "leaps" in the play, but for the 750 word limit they could easily be worked out.

Very detailed in the laying out of the staging, and in the dialogue between husband and wife. I would love to see a longer version of this play (with no word count limit:) Good job.