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A very realistic look at a relationship. I especially like the opening paragraph and understood it more after reading the story.
A really nice story, right on topic and very real. Well-written.
Pamela, when I read this story I sense something else going on. I think it is the natural desire for healing. There are so many questions lingering between the lines. Could be mood, could be disappointment or even anger.
Your story tells raw truth.
This was a very honest account. I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this piece. It is so important to pray together!
I don't usually post comments on my own stories, but I had to say that my husband and I have a very happy marriage. We have gone through 'stuff' (including his health issues) but God is so gracious and He has brought us through it all. We are very excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary next month. :-)
Congratulations on taking your topic and refocusing our view. We each need to not look through rose colored glasses, but through the eyes of Christ himself,praise God!:0) Also Congrats on your 25th anniversary!:)) Janice
My earlier comments are about the brilliant writing of a piece that deals with a tough subject. When I read it I felt the emotions of the writer, something that is a mark of a good writer. In no way are my comments about the situation which I took as fiction.
Thank you Mona...

I thought you had read my story because of my having tossed a brick and you saw it in the forums... and so knew it was a true story...

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Great writing and powerful truth presented. Marriages aren't easy, but a cord of three strands cannot be easily broken. Thanks for reminding us all that we need to hold on to God and each other.
It's not easy to paint a picture of your heart, but you did an excellent job here.
What a bold statement, wonderfully and courageously spoken. If only more people could write like this - holding a person's attention to hear truth. I really loved your title, too. It says so much about what was to follow in the story. The old adage is true, isn't' it. "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." God's continued blessings on your marriage!
Marriage isn't easy, and rose-coloured glasses don't help. It is so important to we remember that we need God at the centre of our marriage - the axis - to keep us together. We need God above all to keep evil laughter from filling the room.