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I'm not the best in understanding poetry, but the phrasing and cadence intrigued me to read; and I'll offer what I saw - right or wrong. Childhood sweethearts following love's destiny. At times because of comfortable familiarity or simple distractions, one or the other must stop and say, "Hello, remember me? Remember us?"
And then, the journey resumes to end as the last stanza would have it to be - love blessed and ordained.
Enigmatically told, yet clearly beautiful.
Poetry at its best from start to end. Loved the imagery of the playmates, classmates and finally lifemates. I'll be looking for this in the top ten list.
I'm terrible at understanding poetry, but after reading it several times, I finally got the basics. Mile-high writing!
Beautiful story of destined love...Beautifully written
Lovely dance through a lifetime of love.
As always, your creative writing amazes me, poetry, doesn't matter. Excellent!
An absolutely beautiful dance of words and story. The POV shift tripped me a little but I love the desire to reread a piece that gives me more each time I read it. No need for depression on this one. Bi-Polarly yours, Pat : )
I read this a couple days ago. Then I read it again before I picked up all its essence and fullness.
It is wonderful! Truly a winner!

Your writing always amazes me, and this is certainly no exception! How easy it is to get caught up in the mundane details of living! Absolutely lovely, evocative poetry.
This was so lovely...
Absolutely wonderful.
Wow! You have the heart of a poet, too! :)

This was beautiful, clever, romantic, and "rich"!

I am impressed! :)
This is masterfully done and I want to hear the real life story behind it!
What is the old saying, "A man chases a woman until she catches him"? Far, far too simplistic for this amazing piece. I am probably the worst one to comment on poetry, but this was richly visual.

It was like one of those misty scenes from a movie, where the MC's thoughts ebb and flow from one memory to another. I read it a second, and then a third time and enjoyed it more each time.

My mind boggles at the creativity of those who write poetry so well.
I love the stages of attraction and love portrayed here.

This is excellent.
LOL! What a fun read. I liked the mermaid bit and especially the verse with "penpal" that word stuck with me, because it is so amazing to know the relationships that come out of something as simple as letters between two individual people. ^_^ Interesting read!
Life, three lines at a time... wonderful poetry. I love reading poetry when it's really written by a poet. You are a poet.
I read this yesterday, but TODAY it is all very clear...and beautiful! You have such talent!

Just WONDERFUL! So "out of the box" creative, Lisa.

I really admire how you push/challenge yourself, week after week after week.

High Five, Girl! :)