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The characterization here is excellent! I love this Granny type you so well described. Well done! Thanks for the chuckle.
This was so much fun to read! And so real to human nature -- all the surmising and so on. My favorite part was this line... "My jaw fell to my chest, burying all three chins. I felt my uppers start to loosen..." Too funny!
This is hilarious and had me LOL. Great job capturing Granny's voice. Love it!
A delightful and charming bit of our life of changes.
Classic piece, interesting MC. Humor and suspense.
Loved it.
Hilarious! I love your MC's voice, so delightfully real. Well done!
This was great fun and such a good point of view and voice. Great "before" and "after" too!
(did she ever get the chair?)
Hee-hee! This was soooooo FUNNY!! :D

You did a great job with this cute story! I love your descriptive style and wonderful way with words--"I could picture that rooster imposter with buckshot-blasted tail feathers." :D

I look forward to reading more of your work!
What a delightful read. I chuckled throughout. Well done.
You had me hooked from the very first line. Excellent characterization.
My jaw fell to my chest, burying all three chins. I felt my uppers start to loosen and snapped my mouth closed just in time to trap ‘em and avoid giving these guys another hilarious moment in the life of Grandma LOL this just about floored me. Wonderful story.