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This must have been therapeutic to write. :) What fun! Hope you can solve your squirrel problem. :)
Yes Indeed! The Good and the Bad about God's furry little creatures. I, myself, love to watch them play in the oak tree outside my window...but then I don't have any potted plants, either. (*.*) The story is unique, creative and well written. I actually enjoyed it - even IF they're a thorn in the side of some. Nice entry.
This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories - Peter Rabbit. I can't say I'm too keen on the sudden change in Mommy's attitude - a little too sudden for me. But hey, they're squirrels! I enjoyed the conversation. Very fast paced and a fun read.
I've just been watching a squirrel steal the birdseed from the feeder in the backyard.
What this story shows is attitude! They do seem to have a certain attitude and you captured it.
Oh, I know how mad you can get at critters who dig up your bulbs. Been there, done that.

This was cute, and good for a smile this morning.
Highly creative - rodents with tails and attitude. Maybe I've watched Alvin and the Chipmunks one time too many...
I also found the transition between good and bad a little too abrupt. Perhaps what might have helped would have been an action scene right at the end to show the contrast from the other point of view?
Delightful little story. I agree that the good/bad switch was a bit too abrupt but it didn't take away from the story's charm. Well done.
Cute story. I agree with the others' comments about the shift in good/bad. Otherwise, this is good. I'm glad to see you growing in your writing. :-)
Enjoyed this cutely amusing story, although squirrels are down on my like list at the moment - robbed my blackbird's nest in the garden - the blackbird looked devasted. But they are cute to look at. Thanks for the tail of the tale (or is it the other way round?)
This is hilarious. My mom is always complaining about the squirrels in her yard and I just don't get it. I think they're so cute. I guess she's not the only one that hates them. Very creative and fun story.
A fun read-I've got red squirrels creating havoc in my roof, gray squirrels robbing the bird feeders and flying squirrels thumping onto the house all night, but you know what? They're all cute! I'll bet they all think like your characters too!