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Very clever!
A "Choose Your Own Adventure"! Wow, how diabolically clever. This absolutely fits the topic. Well done!
Like it.
This is incredibly creative!! Love the Mission Impossible aspect and multiple story lines of this!
Goes to show you what a rat race an endless labyrinths we can get ourselves into by not choosing the right answer at the very beginning. I was hoping for a way out if accidentally making a wrong choice, but this was indeed diabolically clever.
Ohhh, I like these type of stories. Very creative and imaginative! I likey.:))
Wonderfully creative and an impressive use of HTML.
I suspect that some readers might have needed a bit more of an introduction for them to understand the genre - text based adventure books tend be something of a niche market. But nicely done all the same.
How in the world did you come up with such a creative idea? Not only that, you successfully pulled it off. This was lots of fun and it's a genre that is new to me. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
Congratulations Josiah, on your "Highly Commended"! Well deserved :-)
"There had been such an imperative in that Jew's eye." I'm sure that was true on many occasions. I like thinking of Jesus like that. I'll bet many a Pharisee had it aimed at him, but missed seeing it completely.
Congratulations, you'll be in Masters with your parents in no time. Keep up the good work!