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A fun read. Nicely done.
Glad the MC found the right place to exercise. :)
Entertaining read, and you gave me a great follow your example! Thanks, I think I'll shop around. Well written and definately on Topic! Nicely done.
I like the subtle sense of humor. I did see a few errors in punctuation, tense and number.
Very nice. Great take on the topic and an enjoyable read.
Great use of this week's theme! I laughed outloud, visualizing the salesman chasing the mc out of the door with that free pass. I enjoy your style of humor.
I hope your MC succeeds in becoming a "hard body" - nice inspiration for us all!
Why does this sound like it's a true story? :0)

I liked the subtle touches of humor. Nicely done.
Now that's the kind of health club I might like. You kept it interesting, describing your trials in finding the right one. I like the way your personality slips through.
Like this gentle approach to this difficult subject for many.
Really enjoyed your humor- nicely done.
I really enjoyed reading this, Dub, especially since I've also read some of what you've written on the weight loss thread!

This line was one of my favorites: "Finally, my soft pudgy body moved to the door. I expected when I entered to be met with a dozen hard bodied twenty somethings pumping small pickups and runway models dressed in the best of the fashion industry." "Pumping small pickups...! Hee-hee! I got a great "visual" from that description! :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences!