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Wonderful entry of restored hope. Nicely done.
Excellent story. I felt like I was beside the MC watching the story unfold and experiencing the emotions with her.
Beautiful insight to a grieving heart and how the Lord helps one heal. I loved Max and the part this devoted pet played in your story. I hope your encouraging message is shared with other grieving souls--possibly at your own church.
Oh, what an awesome and beautifully written entry! So simple, and yet so magnificently done. I loved it! Everything, from the boredom to the pills, from Max to the turtledove, and from the grief to the awakening of a new life was perfectly expressed and utterly captivating to this reader. Great job! ...and let me repeat myself, I LOVED IT!
Oops! I forgot something... Solomon! His words were the icing on the cake. (*.*)!
This is incredibly beautiful, and so well done. Excellent work!
Beautifully written. Instead of telling us she's depressed, you showed it by her actions (something I'm STILL trying to figure out how to do). I need to use this story as a good reference point as to how to "show" and not "tell." I was indeed there with your MC feeling her despair, her pain and her hope. Your story fit the theme for the week quite well. Well done!
This is beautiful. Love the biblical references.
As one commenter said -- You did a GREAT job of show vs tell. Very nicely done.
Perfect title, too. :)
Your beautiful story of renewed hope is one of my favorites this week.
I love the symbolism you used. I had a clear picture of the birds, and especially the "injured" dove. You tied scripture in very nicely.
Simply beautiful. What a message of hope through the storm.
What tender story handling a sensitive topic of losing a spouse and having to move on eventually. Neat how the Lord is there to help them move on in His timing.