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Great little story of a rookie detective - a tough scenario with a soft touch. The emotional environment was well documented.

I had to read the first paragraph 3 times to finally get that it wasn't the Chief who had been promoted to Detective! (I KNEW enough to know that Chiefs don't get promoted to Detective...they're already Top Cat...(er, ah excuse the pun) But after that hurdle was over, I went on to enjoy the story immensely. Great story, good job and covered the Topic nicely. An entertaining read!
I like the cops and doughnuts joke. I know it's old, but I don't care. I am a little concerned about flour being stored in a cooler, though. Wouldn't it be damp in there?
Okay, donuts and cops...a match made in heaven. What a hoot! This was entertaining and I enjoyed the MC's voice. Well done! Also, loved the cat's name and how it applied to the story.
Well-written and easy to follow. I thought the first two paragraphs where the MC talks about being a rookie were not needed. Just my opinion, though. Good work.
Very cute story! I like the name of the cat. :)