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Creative approach to the subject! Is this based on a true story? I would have enjoyed perhaps an childhood incident or embarrassing experience included in the make it more personable instead of just facts.
It did show the need for the Gospel in Italy today. Thank you for writing this.
Oh, I really enjoyed this! It IS a refreshing change from the usual listing of what a country has in it, and I never knew some of the things you wrote about. I never thought about how a country can become overwhelmed with "takers" who immigrate only for the free stuff a country doles out. We need to careful of that, too. Again, I liked this very much.
I like the way you presented a lot of information in this interesting format.
I was amazed at how much information you were able to put into your piece. It was enjoyable to read, and I liked the unique perspective.
I love the alliteration in the title, and the interview format was fascinating. I really like this entry!
I enjoyed your Interview format here. Lots of details about Italy that I never knew, very informative and creative.
Informative and entertaining, thanks for sharing.
Thanks so much for sharing this interesting interview. I learned a great deal that I didn't know!
I enjoyed this very much. It felt real and natural.
Lovely writing! Good job!
Thank you for sharing. :)
The format was very creative and helped to get a lot of information out there, interesting, thought provoking info. I sometimes felt like it was a bit stilted, like I wanted to hear more about her feelings, etc., maybe to connect with her???
Initially attracted by the title- I like titles that contain names or relationships. You did convey a lot of informaion about Italy, either first-hand knowledge or personal experience I couldn't judge. However I too would have liked some personal story-telling detail that would be found in an interview. When I give a Bible talk/ sermon, the pace changes the moment you interject an illustration. The hearers relax and pay greater attention. I am sure this is true of writing.
If I could travel to only one country in the world, it would be Italy. I have never been, but I have a lot of Italian and Polish ancestors. I love the format you used. It made it very fun to learn about the country. I had no idea that the Vatican was losing its hold and that they offered free health care. Lots of interesting bits of information here. Of course, that is is to be expected from a true Italian writer. :)