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Excellent history lesson. God uses mysterious ways to bring people into their destiny.
I really enjoyed your story, and to learn that is based on truth endears it all the more.
This was an engaging rendering of a wonderful story of the power of the Holy Spirit to guide a heart to God's will.
This is a very beautiful and powerful story! Heartbreaking, of course--but it shows how God can use even our own resistance to work His will. The last line is absolutely perfect!
The Lord stood at the door of Ida's heart and knocked--as He does for us all.

What blessings we must miss when we say no...but Ida was one who said yes.

Great encouragement to store our treasures in heaven by saying yes to God.
Thank you and Praise God
This is an interesting story. Well-written.
KUDOS! This is excellent writing. Well-deserving of placement.
I loved how you showed through story the history, without leaving commentary. This is the style of history lesson my teenagers enjoy.
Wonderful story, I had read it earlier and expected this to be First Place.

What a blessing to follow Him. Excellent writing and congratulations! Well done.

God bless and keep writing.
You know, the first time I read this story, I thought that it was way over the top. And then I looked at the end notes and realised that it had really happened. Wow, what an amazingly honest portrayal of Ida's irritability.
I do think that your dialogue needs some polishing, both in the opening paragraph and in the three visitations. And I never worked out what era it was set in until I read through the end notes. But that said, it's a powerful piece and well deserving of that ribbon.
If ever there was a call on someone's life, this was it. It seems so obvious to us as we read this, but I can also imagine the struggle in giving up one's own desire. Thank you for sharing this awesome story!