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Some of you writers got more inspiration than me. I dropped out of the Christmas series a week or two back. I just dried up. Thanks for sticking with it! All the best with your writing in the coming year. Col.

Christmas Blessings.
The poor salesman doesn't know what hit him. Hopefully he gets it before the season is up:) Good story!
You managed excellently to get the "reason for the season" across in your story.
What a neat gift she decided to give...
I loved this story.
I liked this one....a thoughtful look at the reason for buying stuff for Christmas. Well done on the dialogue. Red ink: I didn't really "see" the woman in my mind, just heard her voice. Maybe you could bring us into a visual of her rather than just writing what she says. Nice work!
Great lesson!

The woman's long speeches just didn't ring true to me...perhaps if you'd broken them up and had more give-and-take between her and Fred?

Fred's a great character--I'd read more about him any day.
There is quite an ouch in this. How often we throw money at 'the poor' as if that will solve all their problems, when actually what is so much more needed is love, time, grace, and sitting where people sit. Good work.
Super lesson on the reason for Christmas; I hope the seed she planted in Fred takes root. I thought her "speeches" to him might have been a bit long to be realistic dialog, but I LOVED what she said.
Fred already has a loss by not understanding what Christmas is all about. Let's hope he learns before his profit line becomes too big and he thinks that's all he needs. Hooray for shoppers who can make a difference. Great lesson on the truth of Christmas. Well done.