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God made us in his image - with a laugh and a smile and the ability to enjoy ourselves. I'm sure God enjoys us enjoying ourselves at Christmas if Christ is in the centre. Thanks for reminding us. A good family story! Thanks! Col.

Have a good Christmas!

I could feel for the kids having to wait for their parents to get their coffee "fix." I appreciate the mc doing things "a little different" than they were done when he was a boy, and I liked the different story than the normal - familiar Bethlehem scene. Thanks for giving a new perspective, good job!
This was well told. I also enjoyed the adult humour, especially the way you teased the children. And as has been said it was good to hear a Bible passage that wasn't manger related.
I do wonder if your conclusion doesn't come across as a bit disconnected from the rest of the family tale - more of a preachy epilogue. I suspect that the whole story would have been better rounded had you woven in a response from the children.
Anyhow welcome back and hope to see you next quarter.
I really enjoyed the fact that "dad" didn't read the traditional Christmas story. I love how you related the story he told to a gift. Also enjoyed the normalcy of Christmas morning with this family. :)
This is a good story to remind of of how we have no idea of God's timing, but that, if we know Him, we will recognize him in our lives. This is very appropriate right now, with all the turmoil and concerns or the current world events, we need to be still and wait, He will be there.
I loved the whole coffee thing. That was great. I watch my kids roll their eyes everytime we must have our "coffee first".
Your humor is well woven into the story.
I really like this, especially the telling of the story of Simeon as he waited for the gift he knew was promised.
I especially liked your unique idea of using the story of Simeon at Christmas, couldn't help wondering if you really do that. Good story.
The first half of this was extremely compelling. I wonder if the second half would be just as compelling if you had your children reacting to the story in dialogue--actually incorporating your lesson into the family narrative.

Very well-written; I enjoyed it a lot.