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Surprise! My blackberry is cooperating so I can come on line & comment! Loved this vignette powered story. You managed to convey so much with each individuals' thoughts & the wording is rich & full. Enjoyed the reading & the ending put a lump in my throat.
He really is the greatest gift of all....Jesus!
Great writing....
You brought out so powerfully how commercial advertising grips people and makes them believe, 'I really need this; it will make me happy'. All the while it is a lie which distracts people from seeking the greatest joy of all. Good job! On a slightly critical note, I read it expecting the individual stories to tie up at the end, so the ending came a bit suddenly. But overall a good read.
Your story is beautifully written -- and beautiful dreams come with catalogs, as I, too, discovered long ago as a child. Would have liked to see each dream realized but, of course, there were word limitations. Would encourage you to write a longer version of this, might even make a great novel. Kudos.
Robyn, in case you don't see the Highest Rankings each week, I just wanted to let you know that you did very well in the Challenge this week. Even though you didn't quite make it into the winners' circle, you made it into the highest rankings for Level 3, placing 14th for the level.

The competition is always extremely intense in Level 3, so well done. Keep up the great writing.

If you would like to check the highest rankings for yourself, you can see them here:

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)