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Very funny stuff. Oh boy! :)
I'm laughing out loud. An entertaining story!
LOL this is hilarious! Classic humor - I love it!
Very funny, and I loved the ending!
Oh man, I have a pain in my side from laughing so much. I love the voice of your MC, brilliant; simply brilliant.

The Countdown to Christmas is captured beautifully in this entry, and the title is perfect. Wonderful from beginning to end.
What can I add, this really was funny. I hope he gets hi vacation!! loved eh voice of the MC.
Love this diary! Great imagination and a really fun read. Thanks.
Oh I do like off-beat entries. This is hysterical. Maybe a little bit negative though? I'm sure he'll get on well with the Grinch
Masterful piece of writing. All I can say is HA HA HA.
Very interesting way of counting down to Christmas! I know what it means to be interrupted from vacation. As always, you've done a good job at lightening our stress level during this season of festivities. (",)
Hilarious! I loved it!
You obviously had a lot of fun writing this one and it is great fun to read. A very unusual angle on the topic.
Your creative humor is a delight to read. I loved the many ways you referenced the "big guy."
This is funny, Josh. You really captured this poor guy's stress level. Great job, as usual!
I echo the above sentiments and say WONDERFUL! One question though, where DO they assemble the I-Pods?
ooooh - what FUN! Some of your gags are absolutely, positively FIRST RATE. I could NEVER write like this - wish I could! (LOL one benefit, I think, to being annoyingly pessimistic hehe)

I can see why you like this one so much. I know I do!
Too much fun! I love "you drank too much coffee". Lots of other great lines, too. I could imagine you grinning as you wrote. Thanks for the smile! :)
Josh, you are a master of humor. :) What plays on words - "gassed up the sleigh" with Mexican food. lol You are a joy to read. Thank you. :)
creative and cute idea
What a hoot! Love the way he decides to go work for the Grinch...but we already know how THAT story ends, too! What's a grumpy guy to do? All the Christmas pessimists have change-of-heart turnarounds (think: Scrooge-LOL.) This is classic Josh and it is fun, fun, fun. (:
Clever, creative, off-beat, witty. Absolutely love this. Well done!
Oh my gosh, this was hysterical. What a fun read, lol. Congrats on placing second. This was well deserved. Movin on up, woo hoo!
Congratulations Josh! A well deserved win!
hahahaha. i LOVED IT!!!!! (:

i didn't know you were talking under the life of an elf until i got to the uniform.

very cute.

Fantastic!! So clever and very funny. Great job, Josh and congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Congratulations on a very creative, enjoyable, and enlightening entry. It's always good to see behind the scenes out-takes :) Well deserved win.
I LOVE your title! I had to laugh at the Christmas bonus "Neil Diamond's Greatest Christmas Hits" and then "feeding the reindeer Mexican food" … so so funny. Super congrats on your ribbon, Josh!