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Very cute--now I want to try a saffron bun. :)
How creatively you've written this entertaining poem. You have some excellent rhymes. I've made saffron bread before...and you've captured this spice perfectly. Now, I may have to make more (if I can afford the saffron :) ).
What a cute poem. I love the mom's inexhaustible spirit.
Great weaving of family history, traditions, personalities, recipe details, ingredient explanations, and set enjoyably to rhyme no less! Quite a remarkable feat.
Oh, I dont usually do poesm, but this was great! I loved how you put the MC's feeings in there. First doubt, then anticipation. Loved it!
My favorite lines in your cute poem were:
The strangely favored saffron buns
Could bomb their first debut.
I liked this. I really need to work up the courage to try the meter. This was well done. I enjoyed seeing mom's undaunted attitude at the end.
Not only am I amazed at how you kept the meter so well throughout, but I am also amazed at the sheer length of this poem. usually poems are short, because people run out of clever stanzas, but yours is completely jam packed with them. Nice work! :)

I really need to try a saffron bun sometime...
I like this! Great meter, great rhyme. Love the story it tells, too. Two thumbs up.
Your POV and attention to detail amazed me. What a delightful and entertaining read. ;)