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Very clever. I've been part of the day after Thanksgiving rush:) Funny, funny...
Very creative! Clever rewording of the song and great job painting a picture with the words. :)
Oh, this was fun! It reminds me why I don't shop on "Black Friday." Love it.
Hilarious and creative--love this change of pace entry!
I loved the details in this. And I didn't want to stop singing. Good job.
The most creative take on this week's topic - I completely enjoyed the uniqueness of it!

I stumbled over some of the words as I tried to sing it in my head, but you truly captured the spirit of Christmas shopping. (And reminded me why I get all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving!)
What a hoot! The Christmas carol tells the story. Great imagination. Your "carol" will keep me chuckling for awhile.
Love your carol - and it is exactly why I stay home on Black Friday. :) Great job rewriting the lyrics to this "classic".
LOL! This is my favorite part:

"It didnt cost Mom much to get it
Just a broken rib and dislocated knee"

What fun!
This was packed full of fun and silliness! I bet this was a blast to write...well done!
Totally hilarious ... just the kind of 'carol' we need to set the mood for Christmas! (",)
Oh Josh, this had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I've never heard the song before so I looked it up on YouTube and listened to the music while I read your ode. This is an absolute hoot! Excellent job my friend, excellent job!
I was thinking the tune in my head as I was reading. Very good fun!
This has to be my all-time favorite! It should be recorded.(LOL)
Oh, Josh, your writings are a delight! :) I stand in awe of your "fun" spirit. This is great! :)
More fun than a ginger snap. Of course you had to do this - it has you all wrapped up in it and tied with a bow. It is so wonderfully you that it's fun spirit cannot be denied.

It had to be fun to write--it was so much fun to read...and sing....Can you hear me now?
What a RRIIOOTT!! You HAD to have fun writing this. So many gems of lines in this one! (if we were still jeweling challenges, this would be one :D)
I don't know the tune to the carol you parodied... but I like this piece! :)
Oh, what fun! I really enjoyed the humor in this one. Great job!
LOL -- what total fun... love the "black and blue" on grandma's backside!
This is just too kwel! A fun read indeed. Good job!
What a fun read. I am not familar with the carol, but just reading the words were a blast. Well done, keep up the good work Josh.
I smiled and laughed as I read this. You are SO funny. Definitely a creative take on the topic. God Bless :-)