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I had to laugh at this, "Expect the flu this year and say it enough times and you can plan on having it next year too." This is a very interesting message. I've never considered these thoughts before, Thank you.
I think the Lord has inspired you to write this to help those like me who speak negativity into existence all the time. The Elvis Presley example is a powerful one. I hope to heed your call and always speak positivity into my existence and that of others. Not only good job, but good work.
I have written on this many times. Did you know that in James 3:6 when it talks about the tongue being the unruly member that: setteth on fire the course of nature, that this is the meaning: [φλογίζω τροχός γένεσις/Ignites the physical effects in a genesis or nativity]. In other words it is a birthing or creating. People do not realize that we are all speaking spirits and that while a thought is just potetial energy when spoken becomes working energy producing a manifestation. GOOD WORK!