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A fun story, well told. I wish your beach experience was more enjoyable though...and especially that those postcards from the past would stop coming! :)
Nice story. I felt like I was at the beach with you. ( On my mother's only trip to Hawaii, she too was the victim of sun poisoning. You don't hear much about it but like you, she really suffered. She is a red head...maybe that's it?)
Sun rash, and sand fleas, will get the unsuspecting every time. Nice story. Thank you.
Well, I have a feeling if I ever went to the beach, all that and more would happen to me! :) Thanks for sharing!!
I like your title ... but not the actual physical 'postcards' ... yuck! Well written - I was right there with you.
An interesting memory! Sounds like the beach wasn't too kind to you! :-)
I like the way you listed all the places you did like and then took me to the beach and surprised me by not liking it. Good connection of the end to the begnning. Love: 'spluttering peep show.' Happened to my Mum once.
Interesting title. Liked the story out-line, and entirely different viewpoint. You were very kind to the beach, in your writing as it was a little humorous. No wonder you got a post-card! (LOL) God bless ya, littlelight
Aha, I was not expecting the switch from excitement to....trouble! An enjoyable read. :-)
Thanks for reliving that not-so-fun moment in time so that we could enjoy a fun read at your expense! LOL. Well written, lightly humorous essay. Would make a great analogy of how the consequences of events or mistakes of our past keep cropping up today in painful ways that require "icing!"
Great job.
Blessings, Lynda
Too funny! Is this a true story? I love how your gift of humor allows you to laugh at yourself and lets us laugh with you.
wow ... what an adventure! lol! Poor you!
This is a great story! It was very entertaining and well written. I loved it!