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I'm glad Linda cared enough to take the risk, and that Marsha responded. Good story.
I enjoyed reading this story with the bridge game as the backdrop. Your story flows very smoothly and your title is very clever. Bidding in a bridge game is something I'm afraid I'll never master. :)
DOn't know a thang bout bridge, but I appreciate good writing. Nice lil creative story. God bless.
As always, your writing is clear, concise, and compelling. I really enjoyed this slice of life.
I love Linda's kind but firm attitude. Nice story! Very realistic and well written.
You "showed" with your story how Christians can gently help each other. Well done. I loved the conclusion.
Nice application story! For those of us who don't play bridge, you may want to try to weave in just a bit of background detail in the beginning. Believable dialogue and character.
All I know about Bridge you could stuff into a mosquito's boot, but this was one good story! But then, you're one good writer!! Kudos!!!
Just plain good. I loved it.
I liked the lesson here. This story reminded me of many family members that I have that don't do so well with their emotions while playing competitive games.

I am currently studying the book of James on my blog, so this was a good story to illustrate what I am learning right now in my study.

Thank you for sharing.
I liked this. I'm memorizing the book of James right now, so like Josh, this fit in well for me... :) Well done.
Great story and great friends to love her where she is at and try to help her.
Not too many friends would confront in love like that. This wold make an excellent devotional Dub. Well done.
Whew, Marsha's got a temper. You did a great job showing us instead of telling. Nicely done, as always.
I'm betting Linda makes the "two no". :) Great characterizations. Loved Linda's last line. :)
Incredible message tucked into this entertaining piece.
This says it all:
“No silly. But, He does talk about needless anger. Sweetie, please don’t get mad when I tell you that these anger flashes are driving our little group apart. Look what it says in the Bible.”
I know someone like this and it does destroy the safety and trust in a relationship. God knew what He was doing when He gave us instructions about needless anger. Great characterizations in this story.