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I'm so glad you were able to find that bridge for that sweet lady. I'm also glad she seemed to have had happier days along with the sad memory she related. Thank you for telling this so well.
I love your title. I started singing the song you quote. :) Your words lend authenticity to this, like "yesterdee" and "getten." Your story is wonderful. I could see it all from your telling of it. This is a very creative (and perfect) take on "bridge."
You were the hands and feet of Christ for Callie, showing her love by listening. Well written testimony.
Way kool and your ministry point branded my soul. A keeper. Great job. God bless.
No fluke that you connected with her... God's hand working powerfully. Awesome testimony.
This was such a beautiful ministry opportunity and you took full advantage of it. What a dear, dear story and you told it so well. God bless your sweet heart. Kudos!
Wow. Your beautiful heart shines through your retelling of this true story. What a perfect way to illustrate this week's topic. One of my favorites, and I sure hope it places high.
Your descriptive words and characterization of Callie made her very real for anyone reading. Good job.
Excellent descriptions, Dianne, and I love that this is true. This felt beautifully authentic and completely engaging.
What a sad story. I wondered for most of the story where the bridge came in, but was satisfied that it fit perfectly where you put it. This is a heart warming story. I have worked with mentally handicapped people, so I really loved this story...If only we would take time to listen. We would learn a lot about people...Good for you...Helen
This is an incredible story. Thanks for sharing it with us. You told it well.
A very moving story and beautifully told. It was definitely no "fluke" that you connected. God's hand was over it. Well done.
You really did your cause justice. My mom would have been proud to read this. I am so glad you wrote it. So well done.
Aww, this is very tender and touching. My Dad has Alzheimer's and how I wish he had attendants that cared this much for him. You really put me in Callie's world with your descriptions.