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Your thoughts are great in this. I especially like this, "Is a mortal, eclectic, physical scream. -- You are part of a fallen creation, -- A lost, rediscoverable dream." The comparison of pain to a "signpost" and "a map to turn back your thoughts…" and then the implied "pain as a bridge to Him" is a very creative slant to the topic. I like this.
"Emotional pain is equally cruel,
Just hidden from everyone’s sight
While you fight the life-threatening duel."

That part stood out to me, having been one who has suffered from depression in the past. I like your message of hope in this. Thank you for sharing.

Powerful emotion and passion exude from your rhyme. I love this piece so much, and it is definitely a keeper. Will be used for ministry purposes for years to come.
This is such truth! The descriptions make you really "stop and think" and re-read the poem -- it is deep! This would speak to anyone going through pain, and help others see the purpose in it as they heal. Thank you for this beautiful work of art in the form of "vivid" poetry!