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Good! Glad to see you continued this! Hope to see more. I love to feel what Henry is going through and how each step takes him closer to Farmer. (knew a farmer like this one once) Well told - love the folk feel to it!
I'm also glad you continued the story. I enjoyed reading this.
Heart-warming writing.
Another lovely story - I enjoyed it very much!!!!
Great story, well told, a winner in my eyes.
Well done, Darlene! Your writing keeps getting better and better - and that aint no lie! :-)
Blessings, Lynda
Rockin' chair storytellin'. Very rustic and real. Great work!
Your story is suspenseful and has a strong sense of character and of place. An enjoyable read.

I loved this story and I was so afaid the poor boy was going to get booted out when the Farmer returned! What an excellent job of suspense building and resolving the story in such a "redeeming" way. Great job.
I didn't recognize this as the continuation of the story I much enjoyed last week until "Friend" popped on the scene! LOL

There were a few minor grammatical errors, but over-all very good! Great story!
That's BEAUTIFUL! Especially having read last week's piece which precedes this. (Were there more before that? Do tell me!) My only 'constructive comment' would be about the apostrophe in the title. I thought it had to be several farmers who 'owned' the trip into town, but it is only one, isn't it? So "Farmer's trip to town". WELL DONE!!!
One of my favorite entries of the week. You painted a vivid picture. I loved the setting and the contrast to the boy's mood in the beginning. I love the boy's uncertainty as he waits for Farmer to come home and the reward is a great pay off for the reader. Great work!