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What a unique POV. Great job sharing an important message through the eyes of a tractor!
Oh yes, this is excellent! Wow! Terrific writing. I love the little touches you gave, too, like the dirty diaper and the parked bike. Awesome job!
I liked this, and it certainly was a unique POV. Good job.
Clever take on the topic. I enjoyed it very much.
Cute story. I like it!
I loved the personification of the tractor...It illustrates how we tend to grumble, but our hearts are softened when we receive due praise. Wonderful story...
A good read from an unusual POV! It is usually the old things that have a heart in this age of impatiently fast technology.
Tee, hee. Comic relief is good! All the intricate character details show great skill.
The POV is wonderful. I think that was the tractor I learned to drive when I was just a farm kid. Great story.
Unique MC. Nicely done. A special place to commune with God. One man's tractor is another's place of comfort.
What a delightful read! You did such a good job I wouldn't know where to start except to give you big-time Kudos!!!
Awwww! Loved this unique POV! I really liked seeing things through its eyes and especially at the end when he quits griping and starts enjoying the memories of that day and what's to come. This is a great piece that closes a gap between past and present! Wonderful writing! ^_^
This was a very clever entry. The title intrigued me, and then as I started reading it, I got even more intrigued. I really liked the part where the farmer explained how the tractor help give him alone time with his Heavenly Father. Very cool. You have such a gift for stories like this.
Shirley, I loved this engaging story, with just the right touches of humor, and of course, the depth of truth woven in. I was delighted that the man was a pastor, truly a farmer of hearts, sowing the seed of God's Word.