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I really like the generational aspect of this, the flow of time.

I'd encourage you to seek out more sophisticated and complex rhymes. For example, you rhymed "love" and "above" twice, which is almost a cliche' in Christian poetry. You can definitely take it up a notch!

Lovely sentiment!
I like how you poem comes back full circle to the beginning and includes the title. Your thoughts are beautiful and the message excellent. Nice work on this.
It's so true a building does not make a home. I like the tender feeling and the flow in this piece. Very nicely done.
What a specail family portrait. I enjoed the sentiment here.
Lovely piece - especially the message.

I tripped up on meter here and there, but it could have just been me.

Great title, too.
I loved the progress of this through time, and the sweet message. Well done.
My favorite part:
Children thrived being taught by love
Parents sought Gods wisdom above

Time passes the parents are gone
One child comes, then calls it home


A simple progression from a plot of bare earth to a home full of warmth and love. I do not know very much about the technicalities of poetry, but I do know what I like, and I liked this. Well done Naye :-)
I love the "circle of life" theme that flowed through this piece. There aren't very many old homesteads around like this one anymore. Very nostalgic and touching.
Nice piece of work. Loved the way it went full circle.
Well done.
I enjoyed your story poem. My favorite line--
His home was shielded by God's love. That's my prayer for our home.
A lot said in few words. I am no poetry expert, so it's hard for me to give any technical comments, but I will say that I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing. :)