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Cool story--I really wanted to get to know both of these main characters better. I almost think there's enough material here for two stories--one about singing, and one about the decision to give a kidney. Good read.
I love the healing throughout this piece. Very nicely done.
I loved this story. It was very real. I felt like I was listening in on personal conversations. Nice job!
Great story of hurt, healing and hope. The phone conversation with the hiccups was a creative touch. Love your message here.
Great characters.
Oh how God challenges us when we are content.
What a great story! The ending was unexpected. What a perfect way to offer love and forgiveness.
A very well written and moving story. You've expressed the feelings of the characters very well. Wish you'll get a chance to continue the story somewhere, maybe in the regular submission, so all of us who are interested can know the outcome. Let all wounds in hurting hearts heal.
A very well written and touching story. I would have liked to see what Sandy ended up doing with her singing career. Did she ever make an album. Did she just continue to sing in church? 750 words makes it had to tell all of those details.

I appreciate you sharing this. I enjoyed it very much. :)
Warm-hearted and tender story of love and forgiveness. Wonderful characters.
Lovely story of God's love helping to overcome a life time's worth of hurting words. Great example of forgiving your 'sister' 70 times 7 times.
Well written story showing the MC's progression from pain and resentment to love, forgiveness and self sacrifice. Well done, very well done indeed.
Beautiful story of forgiveness. I wanted to hear Sandy sing. :)
Oooo! I do wish there was more to this-you should expand it! I liked the character of Sandy and I'm glad that someone did 'find' her voice and give her the chance to express it. Hurtful words are just that-hurtful, but you showed that even an inkling of forgivness offers hope! ^_^
This story had a feeling of "realness"--real people, real hurt, real forgiveness.
I like the conclusion to your story as a way to show the healing taking place both emotionally and hopefully physically. It's close to my heart. :-) So, do they match?
Healing of the wounded heart to heal...what a noble thing to write about and you did it with great realism. You engaged the reader to see the where and why of the sister's utltimate dilemna. Great story, equally great writing.
I didn't see that coming.... great main character. You could feel her frustration.
Braavo my friend, bravo!
Wow, what a powerful story.
Hope your heart did heal.
Congratulations on placing 12th in your level and 35th overall. This is a great achievement. Well Done! (",)
Your story is so readable, dear friend. Nothing hurts worse than wounds from a family member. Yet, that unbreakable bond is still there when the "dividing wall of hostility" is overcome by God's ministry of reconciliation.

Wonderful message! And, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my "Watch With Me" story. I appreciate you.