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I like that Hannah's father was both father & mother to his daughter. Plus she became a wonderful example of his teaching.
This is just beautiful. Loved the creative way you wrote this tribute. Well done.
This was wonderfully creative...I loved the last line.
I like the way the mother taught her daughter through the father. It is touching that he honoured his wife that way, but it also shows the positive influence she had on him, and through him to generations to come.
This gave me goosebumps just reading it through! I love the little snippets of her life and how true it is! Those are just words, but the dash between is indeed the substance of her life. This was wonderful and I loved the father/daughter twist here with the dancing especially, wonderful job! ^_^
Something about the dash that leaves an impression. This left one on me, so glad you wrote this, whether fact or fiction.
Tim - that last sentence is stunningly awesome. (In fact, I might have titled this "the dash between the dates" or something like that - just my opinion)

I love the "mother-heart" of this man, and the legacy he left for his daughter and grandchildren. Lovely.
Just lovely! I'm not sure why you don't feel right about it, I think it's great!
Beautiful story.