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Very creative and well-written! A winner in my book. I liked this one!
Now this is creative! And it's a perspective on Easter that is indeed 'out of the box'! Great work.
A very powerful piece of writing. Very stark and compelling.
Love the personification, well done.
Very clever and great title.
Unique perspective. Well done!
Wonderful piece. I love the idea of the three witnessess - because they needed 2 or 3 to prove something true :)
Your piece is indeed creative and moving; however, Peter denied Christ as he hung on the cross. I think as Christians we must be careful to portray the truth of God's word. There is an important lesson to be learned by Peter's action regarding the death and resurrection that was missed. While it may be creative, I'm not sure it's prosperous to God to replace actual events with fictional imagery.
A tough, perceptive piece of writing.
Very creative. I really like the tree's emotions as Jesus is hung on it. I was with you in a powerful way until the very end when the rock cried out. I like it, but would have liked to hear more from the rock. Overall, a very strong entry.
I really like the perspectives here. This is very good.
A very strong, well-written piece. Impressed how much is said in so few words. Great job!
Though brief, this piece was very powerful. Went back and read it a couple more times. Creative take on "Easter."
Well done.
Blessings, Lynda
I too would have wanted to take somthing, make something, to remember.(I have a cross made out of 3 spikes on our wall in our living room) Very well done - very well said.
Powerful writing. Wonderful imagery.Very creative.