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Lol! This made me chuckle at the dry humor in here. I wanted to give this Dad a high-five and tell him that he's a great father. That last paragraph was a keeper, I loved it! A father of the year award is sometimes passed out-but the real heros are often those unsung. I liked this-and especially the part about hunting...very nicely done! ^_^
Love this piece. Big lesson here - for moms/grandmas, also. Well written; held my interest; good ending.
My sentiments exactly. The true heroes in my book are the unsung ones. The ordinary guy who gets out of bed every morning and goes to work in this world? That takes courage.
I wholeheartedly agree with the previous posts: you are your sons' father of the year-every day. My own dad worked hard, did his job, played with his kids, and never won an award in his life (besides his bowling and horseshoe pitching trophies-ha!), but he's a hero through and through to me. There's wry humor and just-under-the-surface sentiment in this piece that's endearing and honest.
Everyone can learn from this.
That's the kind of dad that gets my vote!
I enjoyed your rye approach to the examination of what is truly important about fatherhood.
Wonderful, Dub--I love the ironic tone. I'm a big fan of irony, and it's not easy to write it well.

Note: "For all intensive purposes" should be "For all intents and purposes."
I love the voice of this very well-deserving father. The subtle contrasts between what the nominees did and your life were wonderful -- Promise Keepers vs recreation.
Loved the story dub. You always add a nice bit of humor to your writings.

This reminded me a lot of my dad. He never did a lot of wild and crazy things with me, but he did raise me right, and that is worth so much more to me than jetskiing or hunting.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. :)
When I read this story earlier in the week, I had a feeling it was you, Dub. It totally sounds like you and your humor and personality. I love it! Very down to earth, realistic, honest, and FUN!
Love the humor and there's a lot of wisdom in the writing.
Very good voice. The reflections of this father really work. Nice job with the topic.