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How we thinks as kids is intriguing and you did a great job portraying it. Your title was a grabber for sure.
Light-hearted and entertaining read. Cute!
That is so true, it really is very hard for little ones to work out the ages of their grandparents. Cute story.
What a cute little story! I loved the first two lines...they really drew me in.
Very good story Joanney, I loved the child's POV. It's true, children have no concept of age. Delightful memories. Well done.
A cute and fun read - I love the voice of this: especially in the beginning. For a Thursday morning write, I am MUCH impressed :)
Oh, I'm glad I read this one! I had skipped over it earlier, because of the title--I have an aversion to pieces that begin with dictionary definitions. But this was delightful, and your 7-year-old's perception of her granmothers' ages was priceless.
All the adjectives that I intended to use to describe this delightful piece were already taken so let me just say I loved reading it and it made me feel good all over! It doesn't get much better than that, does it?
Through the eyes of a child! This delightful story reads like a children's book.
This is a perfect view from a child's perspective. And a fun read, adorable!
Out of the mouths of babes!
Adorable story, Joanney.