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Touching isn't the word I wnat, but I can't find it. The skill here is apparent. This must be published. Thanks for the wonderful characters!
Your third from last stanza brought back memories for me. I LOVED the freedom out in the country at grandma's house. Thank you for sharing this trip down memory lane!
I enjoyed this tender, nostalgic poem.
This is how I hope my someday grandchildren will remember us. A wonderful protrayal and poem.
Wonderful verse. You did an excellent job of putting me there, in your grandparents' home. I loved the image of Grandma singing off-key because that is how I sing.
I know that God has answered the prayer in the last line already.
There is so much I enjoyed in this poem. You take your reader into the lives of these wonderful people and with just the right amount of humor. Loved it!
Gorgeous poetry, rich in rhyme, meter, imagery.

If you plan to publish this, you'll want to put the first two lines in quotes or itlaics, and provide the attribution. What a clever idea, to take this little couplet and expand it to a super poem of tribute!
You are an artist, painting pictures that pull me back to my childhood. Even though when I knew my grandparents they lived in the city, they were so much like yours, hard workers, tenderly loving, and a delight to visit.

Set this to music, Friend, it is a beautiful ballad!
Oh wow! This is awesome. It just rolled off the tongue as smooth as silk.
Beautiful job!

I know you ARE a grandmother just like yours was to you. Love ya!
This was deserving of the win.
Whoo Hoo! I want an autographed copy of the book. Congratulations, dear masterfully-poetic friend. I couldn't be happier if I did it myself. Enjoy the limelight, Mariane. You earned it, and I love you!
Congratulations on your EC. I love the last stanza. Beautiful.
My dear Mariane, what a loving tribute and beautiful poem. Congratulations on a richly deserved EC.
This is fabulous! My goodness, I'm sorry I missed this the first time through. Congratulations on a very well deserved win for the sentiments expressed in this article. I esp. loved the part about "frogs down the well" reminds me a bit of myself back then : ) Congratulations again - Loren
Oh, Mariane, I love it. This poem is just beautiful! Great job, a well deserved EC place. Excellent, my friend, just excellent!
Oh, dear Mariane, you've brought me to tears with this beautifully precious and rich poem! You've used your memories and exquisite skill to resurrect a time and place that so many of us now never knew. What a gift!! Congratulations, friend. This is truly a very special winner!
I just found this Mariane. Of course you deserved to have a "first place" ribbon. This was so nostalgig and such an honorarium to your grandparents. I love the poem, but then I love all of your work. You are an inspiration and an encouragement. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Hospital and doctor visits (for Hart) have kept me away from the computer, but you know what that is all about...Your ever friend, Helen.
Mariane -- Congrats on your level placing and EC with this. It is very beautiful in word and thought. I love it. Your use of words like "gossamer" and "halcyon" are so picturesque. I wish you could illustrate this poignant poem. (Thanks for your recent comment on one of my entries -- you've truly made my day! -- oh, and I learned a new word "halcyon" -- I love it!)
Poetry isn't really my thing, but this brought a lump to my throat. You managed to grab an emotional thread common to all of us, even if the experiences weren't ones we share.
Congratulations! Two EC's in a row! Well deserved! Both are just lovely.