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This is breathtakingly beautiful. I have such a lump in my throat. What a wonderful story you've told through the sharp imagery.
I'm pretty sure I know who wrote this, and you are rapidly becoming one of my very favorite FW poets. Just perfection--the meter, the repetition, the imagery, the pacing--absolutely wonderful. And some day you'll have to tell me how you do the little indents. I'm sure it's an html code, but I've never been able to figure it out.

Did I mention that I LOVE this poem? I LOVE it!
I wanted this to go on, but understand the season must carry on. I'm becoming more of a fan of poetry and this is a favorite. Thanks!
This poem was not short of masterful. The idea, the creation, the buildup, the wisdom, the climax, the lesson, and the love put in this makes it a keeper for me. Thanks for this gift.
This was absolutely beautiful...I loved it.
I am in awe. This is absolutely fabulous! Thank you for sharing your gift.
Absolutely beautiful, haunting, captivating.
I agree with Jan, you are one incredible poet. I loved your White Blurs last week, and I love this. You put so much thought into your work and your conscientiousness pays off.
Just beautiful. Very, VERY good. Wow.
I'm not usually a poetry person - I mean, I like poetry, but this was unbelievably good. There is an urgency about it in the repetitive words. Fantastic! Well done!
Why are you only in advanced and not masters yet?

This poem was awesome! I don't know anything about writing poetry, and I don't read much of it either, but this poem kept me till the very end. You definitely have an amazing gift in this area.

Keep on writing great poetry! :)
Now THIS is a poem! Wow! The talent is in the the clever technique you've used in in descriptions such as sky blue flies; work soft; roses pink; petal bold; blankets white and so on. It makes this poetry instead of prose. I loved every line and the whole concpet. Hope this palces high.
I seldome read poetry, or understand it, but you made reading this a joy and understanding it a pleasure. Superb job.
Oh you are GOOD! This is one of your best ones, I think! At any rate, it's my favorite of yours so far! The free-flowing tone and the way it was structured and especially the repeating verse with a change at every end, that was really good! Great job! ^_^
Hi there! Just wanted to chat with you about your poem, but couldn't leave a PM. Please give me a shout at!
Wow. I missed this the first time around and caught it for Jan's free verse class. I love the images in this "calendars thin", "evening's yawn" (there's so many).
Powerful and beautiful. I love the rhythm and the descriptive flow. Amazing!
This is beautiful and so rich with everything that poetry is... Awesome writing!
Applause applause!!! I only thought to check the topic after I read this heart-wrenching piece of beauty, and it is perfectly spot on.
Simply gorgeous!