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This story beautifully conveys how hope we give returns to us when it is needed.
Wow! I love watching the progression of Little Emma as she grows up and the changing roles with her grandma. Wonderful job showing us the silver lining!
Tissue warning! So sweet. Now I miss my grandma ;-(
Ok, now I am blubbering for the third time today. This story will be passed on to many, I hope, as it is a beautiful, well-written piece. Well done.
Very well constructed and written. I enjoyed my time with this story. Thanks for sharing.
This was beautiful. Oh to have a godly grandmother to teach you the grace and strength of Jesus in all things. I loved this.
This should come with a tissue warning. I enjoyed your story, especially the realtionships portrayed in it.
Beautiful story, I absolutely loved it.
I love this! Loved the flashes of time and the end scene left me satisfied. The only nit-pick I have is sometimes I got tripped up on the names. It's tough when the two main characters have the same one. LOL. Otherwise, very well crafted. Nicely done!
This was an absolutely beautiful story Marita. I'm still crying as I write this. You touched my heart deeply. What a wonderful relationship they had. Well done! Superb!
This is your first piece in advanced? Wowza, I think we've got some serious competition! lol-just kidding. But this is really awesome, I think it's my favorite one of yours yet. I loved the bond between the granddaughter and grandmother. It is so special and so beautiful. I loved how the title tied in with every slice of life though. Very well written, you did great here! ^_^
Beautiful story. They were blessed to have that relationship. Excellent.
Beautiful story. As I sit here trying to type through watery eyes, I think of my own very close relationship with my grandmother. What a gift this was to me. Thank you.
Congratulations. Here's one of my biggest compliments to a writer. I saw this coming the whole way and you STILL got me, with exactly what I knew was coming. Fantastic job.
Well done and a great entry into Advanced. I was touched and so glad for your brick or I may have missed it.
Beautiful, Marita!
I love Gramma's wisdom down through the years. It was so neat seeing them through the years...great job.
Well done, as always. I do believe you are going to pass me up and move right into Masters, my dear. This was beautiful.
The same masterful writing that I have come to expect from you week after week.

I loved how you showed several different phases of the relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter.

Lots of emotional pieces this week that are brilliantly written. This story is one of them.