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As a monologue, this works fine.
As a representation of rock climbing, however, it rings quite unrealistic, barring gross neglegence that would leave the facility open to a huge lawsuit. I'm not saying people don't get hurt rock climbing, but injuries of this magnitude are highly improbable under standard safety protocols. For an account of basic climbing, see my story "Without Belay" from the "don't try to walk before you can crawl" challenge.
Wow.. I've never tried to write a monologue! Nicely done.
Very entertaining. :)
Creatively written. Good job.
Liked it, nice humor woven in. Good voice.
oooh, when I heard Colin, I was immediately thinking of the secret garden, but this was very interesting! I liked the monolouge and especially the cheerful/humorous note to this guy who's had a bad accident...on a dare. My one contradiction, was it the same guy from his youth group/church that dared him to try rock climbing? Otherwise, nice story! ^_^