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"Your mercies underserved. And your redeeming grace. For all I see is love.
Its written on Your face."

Amen and Amen....very beautiful!
Masterful. Anointed. Went straight to my heart.
I like this form, it's different, though it reads like the 'regular' four line poems.
You held my attention with the 'long sentence' and then a short one, I had to read carefully to see where you were going with this. I liked your portrayal of Peter, this lyrical way puts him in a new light and I can see him wanting so desperately to be 'forgiven'. This is really good!
Just a note though, in the line with "Could You just look my way?"
Perhaps you could have omitted 'just' because removing it didn't seem to trip up anything (from my POV, lol) and it read a little more of that time/era. Otherwise, great job! I really like how you change the second half to be the reader, it adds so much to this! ^_^
Wow Dianne! This is so beautifully written. You have so many aspects of Peter's life here (the friendship, the denial, the "look"). That time was definitely a dark cloud for Peter who went on to be so used of the Lord. And as mentioned I also liked the format you used for this. This is so good... and perfect for Easter. Could it be used by your church?