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I love this rhyme SO MUCH!!!! What a creative and wonderful example of the topic. Well done. I'll definitely have to read it to my children as well. ;)
This is absolutely great! You've packed so much fun, so many pictures and thoughts into this. I love this, "Colleen, the cow, is better now, But once she was meticulous. To weep a week, when sprang a leak, Was utterly ridiculous.",.. and then I got to the horse/tube of glue and the lamb/mutton chops. But your lesson using all of these with pride is perfect. Really nice work... I love it!
You had fun on this one. All of your fun and play made this a delightful read! Loved it!
Very enjoyable, loved how you used utterly. Great message as well.
This is very good! Awesome Saturday morning reading!
Cute take on the topic.
This is too cute! Well-written, and lots of fun.
A poem! Yes, each has his job to do. You did well with your rhythm and rhyme.
Well done.
Very cute poem! Love the rhyming. My daughter and I both enjoyed it. (I read it twice!) Thanks for sharing this. I'm still smiling.
You've hit a homerun here! I imagine this entry as an illustrated Christian children's book...and recorded as an audio book, complete with farm animal sounds! I really like this one. Really!
Let me tell you how much I enjoy a poem that has been crafted well and includes poetic tools and strategies! I see you know your poetry! Loved the internal rhyming ... so much more interesting to read than a poem with only end rhymes. Not only internal rhymes, but alliteration was included, which tells me you are interested in the sound of your poem, as well as the rhythm. Loved this!
Meant t o ask: Where are you in Jersey? I'm in south Jersey.
Fun, well done and a wonderful take on this subject! I enjoyed this.
This was a fun read with a great message. Well done.
Fantastic! So fun, but even more, there is a depth of wisdom here too. Great job!
A joy to read. ( : Fun, witty, and filled with good advice (tucked in lovingly beneath the humor and the verse). I love it!
Oh my, this made me chuckle. I loved the feel of the poem-it was so easy to read.
Fun take on the topic.
I'd only make one change if I'd written it. I'd have "To weep a week, when sprang a leak,
Was UDDERLY ridiculous."
Okay, sad I know.
This was just wonderful. Well done Holly!
Wonderful! Delightful! Perfect!
Too cute! and with a lesson tucked in! I love it!
Great job, Holly. What imagination and fun. I love the lesson, definitely on topic.