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Your title drew me in and so glad, because I really enjoyed this collection of thoughts. Keep up the good words ;)
Me, too. The title caught my eye. But you have presented a perspective of the company we keep in a way I hadn't thought of it before - in what we choose to read. I really liked this! Great job.
This flowed SO nicely, and your words are beautiful and thought-provoking and meaningful. Very nicely done.
I enjoyed this very much. I identify your message. God bless.
Poetry... yet not.

"To help me be a child reflecting the image of my Father" The ultimate 'known by the company he keeps'.

Surely the desire of all God's children.

Such a different approach - well done!
Wonderful! The words we read are definitely the "company we keep", aren't they? What a creative idea!
What a great perspective on this topic. Very nice.
An interesting perspective...words as company. It's definitely true. Creative!
I love this take on the topic, and it's so true.
Thoughts in poetic form. So creative, and a treasure to read. Very nicely done.
You did an awesome job of beautifully expressing your feelings in this entry. Well done my friend, well done.
How many different moments in life have words, written by others, been my most private company? Through good and bad times words have been there; through Faithwriters, even my friends are represented by words on a screen. And what a great reminder to be sure the words we keep company with help us grow to reflect our Father. Simply beautiful, Ann!
Your idea is creative for this wonderfully written poem. I love these thoughts, "Each life Writer and reader, Precious,
Intertwined, Through words on a page. From one soul to another, Communicating, Inaudible," Very nice work on this.
You communicated so, so much in very little words. But what you said speaks volumes about who you are and the sensistive, gentle character within.
I could not help but think of the Hymn "Wonderful Words of Life." You brought your desire to be like Christ to life with your "Words."
As a "free verse" lover, I'd certainly say this is a poem!
I liked your line breaks and the "words" became the company I kept. Very nice grown-up poem.
Keep at this form of poetry, will you?
Very good here! I liked this and I especially liked the format, you say so much with so little. Great job! ^_^
I dabble with free verse from time to time. This is really good. It flowed and still carried the message. Good job!