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What an emotional and disturbing piece. It seems like a true testimony. We have all made mistakes that have stayed with us - even though we have confessed and been forgiven. A very well written posting. Thank you for sharing.
Very engaging and heart-wrenching. This certainly reads as true - if it isn't, you have done an amazing job of making it feel as if it is. If it is, I am praying for your acceptance of God's gift of forgiveness.
Thank you for sharing this...I pray that you are able to grasp the full measure of grace that God has for you.
Oh, how heart wrenching-for the parents and for you. God is faithful, and when you enter Heaven, you'll know all the whys of the mysteries surrounding this terrible ordeal. I think you learned a difficult lesson, early in your career, that made you an even better doctor after that event. Praying that peace can flow to you through sharing this tragedy. The gift of life rests finally in the hands of the Almighty.
Emily, thank you for sharing this intensely personal, heart-wrenching story.
Thankfully, in Christ, forgiveness is immediate and complete, upon our sincere plea, which it sounds like you have made. Therefore, God's Word assures that any culpibility for this tragedy is removed as far as the east is from the west. With all of eternity to mingle, I'm sure the two of you will meet again.
All I can say is wow and i sure hope this places. I'm in awe. Thanks for the reality check.
Very intense - very heart wrenching. And very well written, though that seems such a minor comment considering the content.
Wow...what an intense piece. I echo what others have said here. Sometimes, even though we "know" God promises forgiveness when it is sought, it is difficult for that message to penetrate emotionally. Praying for peace for you.
This piece gave me chills, it was so sad and somewhat dark, but ending showed some hope to go with it. It was kind of a helpless feeling to 'be there' and see what a little extra care could've done. your last line with the 'gratitude of the guility' is really good. Nice work. ^_^
This was such a courageous and yet refreshingly honest piece for you to write, and knowing it happened makes me realize just how easily we can get swept up in our own stuff and get out of focus. I agree with the others that you can accept God's grace to you after all this time. Thanks for sharing it with us. We were there with you... Dianne Janak
I see the words "heart-wrenching" over and over again. This does indeed grip the heart and squeeze as the reader begs for a different ending. I pray that writing this is a step toward healing by the Great Physician. God's grace is big enough for you, my friend.
I'm incredibly sad. You evoked some real emotion in me with this piece. The descriptions of everything in the delivery room was very real, too. Well done.
Heartwrenching on so many levels! Well written!
This is one of the saddest stories I've read at any of the challenges, but you do not need to be sad nor to feel guilt, because Jesus' blood covers every sin, and when our sin is placed on him, He carries all our guilt. We have only to ask His forgiveness. You have very strong writing skills.
This is such a sad story, but honest in its emotions and feelings of guilt. To share something like this takes courage. To share something like this takes writing skills. You have both in abundance. God bless you!